Thursday, January 7, 2016

huge clarifications of distorted relativity

m is c/sqrt(c*c-v1*v1) and was rc then (c/v)/(rc) then times v*v/r is v/(r*r)*(1/a) or c/r times v/c times 1/(r*a) r*a is energy/mass then mass/energy times c/r times v/c then times v/r times m/E or v*v is v*v*v/r or v*a then v*a*r*c is mass now frequency amplitude and radius follow v*sqrt(k*k-v*v) energy is liniar or anything ever increase in positive direction or m*v*v then force is m*v*v/r and it can be anything now in special from general force times distance then fr makes definite m*v*v because force is zero radius or r is infinite to indeterminate to one or a constant and so special s treated like general without a field also revolutionary is treated like rotational or tracer revolution because they have direct effect on each other m to m and r to r and first v to v then v to -v also circular and liniar also have direct effect on each other again m to m and r to r and first v to v then v to -v also -v with amplitude with radius with mass and frequency is with velocity now the average velocity will not change along the length of the wave but the slide and tracer speed and things like that must change to keep it the same so that is how everyone works and they work like this for each derivative line then make the curve that force is what I am talking about if it is a curve then treat the derivative lines each like a situation and take into account everything I have said and integrate it together any time there is a light speed and/or constant velocity it is really c+(a/2)*(sin(2x)) or c+v*sqrt(k*k-v*v) where c is light speed or another constant also the tracer wave is c+a*sin(x) (force zero and radius infinite both manditory but only for special or linar relativity but can be applied anywhere) now in the reality verse non reality when going say half light speed then reality and non reality multiply where square root of reality times square root of non reality as in non reality is 'b' and reality ia 'a' then if going z times light speed then a^(1-z) times b^z etc. also the waves change everything the waves govern the reality and non reality phenomina also for force remember energy is intregal of force in terms of distance now in the one ship going close to light speed and other ship standing still go v1*v1 or (c*c-v*v) times mass times time or 1/(c*c-v*v) so energy is constant even though one was accelerated thus that is why it depends on frame of reference but always the other body has the mass and time now that is because in your ship the cycloids and therefore waves and spirals and slides and all wave related or cycle related are normal in your ship but as far as the other body you are in a different dimension!!! also remember general then one body is going to percieve the same third body differently thus thus they percieve each other differently!!! also remember the waves distort the velocity as cx and mass as rc to mass to infinite and velocity line bent so bad it is curve approaching light speed but always below light speed and x is ofcourse mass because liniar dimension of reality says mass liniar increase by velocity see t is 1/infinite then velocity goes t then 2t then 4t then 8t but the waves distort it to t then 2t then 3t the 4t etc. now the reason cx is because we are in liniar dimensions where a body really wants constant straight line velocity and without waves and everything in the illusionary non reality wants to go light speed only becuase m*c*c where energy must be whatever mass is times a constant now in the protons that engolf outer to inner and same for electrons and inner most electron engolfing outer most proton then the axises of both are parallel and axis for all protons and all electrons parallel and nucleus axis and electron axises all parallel etc. and barrier for protons one right outside the other but electrons the barriers and touch barriers are spaced but in nucleus crammed together so in particle a spiral is just a factor in the moving particle like cycloid etc. also touch barrier is just below field barrier in nucleus and ato is one big complex particle also when molecule the electrons all engolf each other but nuclei are held in revolution to each other by repel of electrons to nuclei see electrons repel nucleus after they engolf it but attract before engolfing and electrons repel each other before engolf and attract after engolf and same with protons to protons but vice versa for electrons to protons as in attract before engolf repel after engolf now in fusion protons engolf but little particles inside are held in revolution by repeling protons now this is all because of spin same engolfed no friction no repel same not engolfed friction repel opposite not engolfed no friction opposite engolfed friction and friction will slow down spin then spin wants original speed hence pushing away to keep energy now engolfing just means particle it self becomes another tracer so electrons ae orbiting but they are not and same for protons to touch or engolf touch and these tracers have same relations as the relations between rotation liniar and revolution etc. also the tracers after the first tracer may or may not assist the first in terms of tracing the cylinders also in particle being traced the lobes turn and average amplitude and radius becomes the actual ampltude and radius now in the spirals and cycloids when the particle s tilted then the spiral and cycloid is distorted then the speed is ditored as well putting it right back to sine waves and if orbits are distorted in the first place then speed distorted even more back to sine wave and the situation makes cycloids and spirals syncronze to the same wave as well as all cycles and this all is for any distortion but the distortions are just ellipses now in strobe effect and/or tracer going opposite way then even in engolfment the following: electrons repel electrons and protons repel protons and protons attract electrons and the strobe and tracer direction is geared to preserve energy!!! now 1/(r*r) is force because mass and energy are proportional thus m*v*v where v is twice with half radius then 1/(r*r) to cancel the effects now velocity is twice becuase acceleration is twice also energy is m*v*v which decreases then force times distance decreases then divide by d or really another r or radius see force is k*q*q/(r*r) and k*q*q/r is energy!!! also field not effected but mass effected by relativity!!! now in the function machine one can have many of any part of it also only according to relativity is mass and time the same variables also c*c*v*a/(c*c-v*v) is m*t*v*a then x*(dx/dt) times 1/(1-x*x) is m*v*v/(c^4) times dt/2 for instantaneous average energy and also assume 'a' is constant because derivative lines are liniar then -ln(1-x*x) is ln(m*m) is t*t*t*t*a*a/(c^4) the extra t because dt/2 for average insantaneous acceleration times dt to integrate then t*dt then (t^4)*a*a/(4*(c^4)) then two more 'a's to get ((a*t)^4)/(4*(c^4) is (ln(m*m))/m then the first 'a' was dv and second was dv/dt then m is t then sqr(ln(m)) is because to the two 'a's then ln(m) is a*a*t*t/(2*c*c) then m*m is e^(a*a*t*t/(c*c)) then the kozak of that is m is c/sqrt(c*c-a*a) and a is acceleration so for instant 'a' is constant so it works then for e^(m*m*v*v/(c*c)) the acceleration must be light speed per second or light/second/second then if going e^(s*s*v*v/(c*c)) where s*s is e^(m*m*v*v/(c*c)) then c/sqrt(c*c-(da/dt)*(da/dt)) then acceleration per second of light speed per second persecond or light per second per second per second so the kozak function manipulates the phenomina infinitely fast as in ahead of the game by times infinite!!! also since I talk of instantanous it can apply to all functions!!! also in the function machine huge infinite of this!!! now c*c-c*c/(m*m) is v*v/2 for average energy at the instant then m*c*c-(c*c/m) is m*v*v/2 but if integrating you get m*c*c+(c*c/m) is m*v*v then 2*m*c*c is m*v*v then m*c*c is kinetic energy of particles which means they are moving light speed in non wave non reality I usually means waves when I say non reality also in c*c plus c*c*(ln(m*m))/m is m*v*v/2 for average and c*c by the above equations and this involves any functions since I am taling of instantaneous so ln(1*1) is zero then c*c is m*v*v/2 but mass is one so m*c*c is kinetic energy and so this also happens in any kozak function!!! so no matter what m*c*c is energy!!! and kozaks go way past light speed still m*c*c also mass is one but two will be no different snce it is really two ones coexisting!!! also in function machine you can have a part for a part for a part etc. the options are limitless!!! now when first exponential then c/sqrt(c*c-a*a) then mass infinite at light per second per second or per second squared etc. but then the c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) no longer holds and is only a constant of one because there is not m to the nth and intregal of 'a' is v so you either have v or 'a' also the kozak equation will go into other dimensions because the manipulation of these dimensions is infinite or too much for dimensions to handle now in the ln(m*m) is m*m*v*v/(c*c) then c*c*(ln(m*m))/(m*m) is v*v then c*c*sqr(ln(m*m)) is a*a*t*t*t*t see mass and time are same and then I integrated in terms of t*t then canceled the two's then ofcourse c*ln(m*m) is a*t*t then then distance is D then D is c*ln(m) then E is energy then E is c*F*ln(m) where F is force then force is acceleration or v/t then t is mass then c*v*(ln(m))/m is E then 2E is c*v*(ln(m*m))/m then at light speed which is the total velocity in waveless non reality go m*m is e^(m*m) then c*v*(m*m)/m is c*v*m is 2E then energy is conserved to velocity does inverse of what mass does to keep energy and at light speed it is m*c*c!!! then if mass is more velocity must be less that is why to one frame of reference it one velocity and to another it is another velocity to keep energy conserved and assume acceleration is constant at an instant then re-combine also in e^(16*m*m*v*v*v*v/(c*c)) go mass is c/(c*c-16*a*a*a*a) then the acceleration liniar asymtote is a=(sqrt(c))/2 per second etc. also in function machine take the function triplits in a circle and close the circle with joining the first to the last and do that for all parts then the parallel circuit joins first and the branch circuit comes from last and recycle any part or set of parts!!! use recycles anywhere!!! also reality is cx and rc and non-reality waveless is fixed at c velocity and mass is rc and wave non-reality is approach light speed or pass it and mass is c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) etc. now in the rifle or liniar accelerator there's signal center barrel primary right on top and secondary right on top of that then the secondary is ran by the barrel center that magnifies the primary that pushes the bullet and the disks reads the secondary magnet and contributes to the primary and the barrel center is ran by primary etc. otherwise do to the rifle what is done to other accelerators with exceptions and all magnets in rifle must touch each other by bound other wise same as other accelerators with excpetions also in rifle or liniar accelerator what you do to rifle you do to liniar and vice versa all with maybe exceptions and in rifle when going from magnet A to B use trick or simple rectifiers from A to B so for all accelerators same wth exceptions now in these exponential equations the m is a loose variable for mass but not mass itself and the whole thing is mass now in going m*m*v*v/(c*c) again m is loose variable then mass*mass is m*m*c*c/(c*c) and v is c because of light speed rule everything wants to go light speed so m*m is m*m then m is m then m is liniar so force is constant then force is constant then mass is c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) so if square then c/(c*c-v*v*v*v) then limit is sqrt(c) is v thus below light speed but not in kozak process!!! also apply to electrons to other particles as well also apply all ideas to all inventions now in the pulsers and powersteppers have capacitor system machines before and after for whole powersteppers and its pulsers and other pulsers also in the liniar wave from wavestarter t goes into machine to make parabolic then to the inveter to liniar it again now for sine waves then liniar times sine waves then inverter to divide by liniar to get sine again and the whole point is to delay the wave from the wavestarter and sine wave machine or just wavestarter without sine wave machine also when going down mirror wave it just reverses the whole thing and if twice current then everything twice etc. now in the layer signal have many more layers for powerstepper end with after capacitors also the after capacitor is just to mess wth delay to shorten it more now in the delaying is so the current being abstracted from will not be completely gone and remember layer signal with capacitor on smallest signal current and the many little capacitors in series will make the delay smaller then parallel circuits that are different all to make delay time tiny also for freeze circuit the freeze is before the after capacitor and the unit current source is after the before capacitor also in e^((m*m*(sin(x))*(sin(x)))/(c*c)) then m is c/v or c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) then the force is changing direction circularly to be c/v at all times then mv=c and c*c-(c*c/(m*m)) is v*v then m*c*c+(c*c/m) is I(v*v)dm (I is intregal) then m*c*c+c*v is I(v*v)dm but velocity is a constant at the instantaneous point then m*c*c+cv is m*v*v which is energy then m is half if v is twice thus 2cv then m*c*c+p*c is energy where p is momentum which is accurate thus the huge exponential function build and unbuilds in a sine wave fashion thus the universe is tied to waves in general!!! so we are definitely is a wave dimension!!! now make sure the energy of the particles is channeled into a wavestarter then a sine wave machine or what I said before etc. also make the waves huge in wavelength because the powersteppers will shorten them also in freeze circuits the sine waves amplitude decrease in wavelength by a huge function called expo and function machine and same for amplitude also this is so powersteppers and pulsers get huge change for huge magnetism!!! now take all capacitor layer signals and combine into one joined branchwise and use one set of capacitors in the top layers only all same top layer and make the set larger then delay time but differences in side by side branch pulsers or powersteppers differences smaller then delay time also in powersteppers take all four layer signals for pulsers and both layer signals for powerstepper again all into one!!! now for less voltage and more current use less insulation for vice versa use more for more power use more layers for less use less and this all goes with layer signals for freeze and capacitor layer signals and the options are endless with amout of insulation and numbers of layers in these layer signals etc. infinite possibilities!!! now in the layer signals for pulser and powersteppers the capacitor system is series and parallel circuits of capacitors but these ones can be different also helper currents for each different capacitor but each helper current different and a helper current helps current burst the capacitor also in powesteppers and pulsers be sure to use trick or simple rectifiers before layer signal and after for all layer signals and one before and one after entire thing for pulser ad also for powerstepper and pulsers in powerstepper are considered normal pulsers also one before and one after the actual coil and wherever negative and positive use trick and wherever only positve or only negative use simple and do this for anything not just pulsers and powersteppers also the axises of each cylinder are the same at all times but can be different from the axis of entire particle also when they turn the do so because the swirl is finite in angle of attraction because of infinite speed with 1/infinite mass and this enables the cylinders to align axises with other cylinders in other particles now the only way the maiin axises align is when a sphere engolf another to become a particle and electrons do not count because they have distance and maybe not in nucleus either because of possible distance and definitely not electrons to nucleus because hge dstance and distance phases out attraction of swirls also when reverse of article making then the axis processes must reverse also now in the equation c/m is v then c*c/(m*m) is v*v then c*c-(c*c/(m*m)) is v*v then c*c*ln(m*m) is m*m*v*v according to the kozak equation then c*c/(m*m) is v*v etc. so m*c*c+m*v*c is (1/2)*m*v*v then c*c+(c*c/m) is (1/2)*c*c/(m*m) so m*c+c is (1/2)*v then m*c*c+c*c is (1/2)*v*c but v/2 is average velocity new v then m*c*c is c*c assuming mass is one so this works regardless of function the v can be c*sin(x) liniar or anything!!!! now in sqrt(1-sqrt(v)) 'v' can go to or from origin and therefore can be negative or positive also in the liniar accelerator you can use charge plates active and passive corresponding to magnets and the passive magnets are secondary the disks at the ends inner coil around barrel etc. and the active are primary coil etc. and the batteries and other things etc. now in v*v/r is the rate of angle change on the spiral and cycloid where v is always c then derive 1/r to get 1/(r*r) the rate of acceleration in the radius change then go c*c/r where when larger r it is less acceleration but that means it must be more mass and c is unit thus in non wave non reality it is rc then m*v*v/r is c/(r*r) then (the unit is c so everything is by c) then c is m*v*v*r then m*v*v*r*c is c*c then mv is c and c/v is m then the other velocity is perpendicular as sine then m is c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) is c/(sqrt(c*c-v*v))(and this algebra move is for anything) now remember the field is non existence the relativity and waves and other things dictate everything see light speed at twice radius is half angle change per time and the force that keeps it in motion is also the force that gyroscopically changes the spiral and cycloid and regardless of the spiral and cycloid angle the hypotenuse vector adds to the same gyroscopicness so remember there is no actual force the relativity and waves and other things are responsible for all forces and force fields!!! now in m*c*c+m*v*c is (1/2)*m*(v*v) go then c*c+v*c is (12)*v*v then c*c+c*c/m is actually (1/2)*(c*c/(m*m) then derive to get -c*c/(m*m) is -c*c/(m*m*m) then m is one now if m is one half because m cancels completely out of beginning equation then it is said that m*c*c plus p*c is energy and p is momentum then in time ca is va because c is v and v wants to be c then c*c plus cv is (1/2)*v*v then I integrated in terms of t thus t is c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) as well so energy makes time and mass do strange things!!! now in the m is c/v then t also c/v and remember do not confuse v with sqrt(c*c-v*v) they are perpendicular and two different v's thus time and mass work around energy now energy is conserved normally because of the negative reaction of the process below light speed and also above the egative come-back of energy thus everything makes sense!!! now mass particle and all other basic particles have infinite*infinite*4*pi*r*r*K where K depends on cylinder shape ad alot of things number of cylinders and the mass is 1/[(infinte)^3] by volume then cylinders moving infinitely fast turns it to finite but the mass particle has the movements so that the traces by cylinders turns to spheres that are smooth!!! so when two cylinders line up the force is 1/[(infinite)^6] because 1/[(volume)^2] because he line is 1/[(infinite)^3] to the cylinder then the spheres turn it to 1/[(infinite)^4] then both other identical basic particles have infinite^2 to finite thus the spheres enhence the attraction to finite significance thus mass and fields connect!!! now the time particle is one large finite hollow sphere because the tracer is infinitely fast to make time manipulatatable then this sphere allows attraction or repulsion forces between cylinders as a router even when in motion because the sphere is infinitely curved in finite force!!! now an option for powestepper is to take a pulser and outer coil is parallel circuit of terminals of inner coil and the simple or trick is such that the magnetism and electrical agrees and you can use a series off of inner and/or parallels and/or combinations etc. all with trick or simples etc. and you can do normal powersteppers wwith pulsers like this and normal powersteppers within powersteppers keeping everything simitrical and indentical with same simitry or maybe not etc. and the coil wrappings same way or opposite way for each pulser and/or powerstepper and play it all by ear to get what is wanted also one can do this with barrel rifle coil primary and secondary coils and trinary coils if wanted forth etc. and one can have every even one wrapped one way and every odd wrapped the opposite play it all by ear!!! and the barrel coil is always the coil stimulated by the bullet and remember the plates play it all by ear!!!! now if wanting twice the voltage same current then make twice the wrappings if wanting twice current same voltage then make twice voltage then normal pulser step up current twice aand say four times power with twice current and twice voltage then four times voltage with normal pulser step up current twice and there is always the series and prallels in the pulser to manipulate play it all by ear!!!!! also all circuits must agree not just in these pulser and powerstepping situations but in everything with exceptions now the reason light can have energy without mass is the time is not a factor in light the way it is in other materials and mass is because the waves cancel making the invert time to zero then the finite makes mass to zero but there is still one factor left thus when I say mass for light I mean energy for light and E replaces m see energy is mass times velocity times velocity then frequency comes to the rescue and restore time because it is canceled so it does whatever to time depending on energy thus it is frequency not mass thus the bending of light is by frequency so if the waves are longer then they each bending according to time by difference in field a certain amount 'a' then in higher frequency more 'a's and this is for gravity in space of fields in material or anything and in a blackhole the time is 'a' so the time is (different values for 'a') then the force would have to be infinite to freeze time so it does not it goes to where one side of the wave is twice as fast as the side facing the blackhole times frequency for other 'a's then the point where it goes to circle the blackhole is the photosphere and the light will not try to escape by straight up since it has less energy then the only way the blackhole can warp dimension or freeze time or anything infinite or anything is by infinte speed and zero volume but the centrufugal force prevents that!!! I think what happens to a blackhole is it takes in so much matter that it finally re-explodes so the supernova and the crab nebula may have been a dying blackhole!!!! now in pulsers and powersteppers capacitor systems make and identical signal system with each bottom layer in series and after the bottom layer of capacitor system and use the liniar from the capacitor solving system and for top joint layer of new system (seperate from old system joint) and go 1/x (x is the liniar) also whatever is done to regular pulser is done to ppowersteppeing pulser and to powerstepper also go simple or trick then capacitor then 1/x then simple or trick then unit current then inner to outer coil then freezer then simple or trick then capacitor then 1/x then simple or trick rectifiers also what is done to pulser is done to whole powerstepper as a whole and what is done to one unit of anything is done to and identical unit of the same anything or identical anything with exceptions now in new system first bottom layer right after first bottom layer of capactor system and second bottom layer new right after second capacitor system etc. and for new system just 1/x no capacitors or anything else and ofcourse 1/x should only start up when capacitor does now in the relay have function machine output or expo or whatever for unit current of freeze circuits (but keep them identical) between all powersteppers on recycles and one can have them in series to make a system and these systems are identical and between powersteppers on recycles everywhere on relay system now the reason for adding c*c in intregration in energy equation is because everything goes c at zero the energy is m*c*c then divide by mass now in the paticles the mass and time cancel to a constant and in photons the cancelation is automatic and for both freqeuncy is the real energy then at 2c where c is one side and c is the other side or c/2 is one side and 3c/2 is the other side or -c/2 and 5c/2 etc. both coming head on opposite or meeting up gong the same way the wavelength divides by two etc. then from that point when slow down wavelength multiplies when speed up wavelength divides etc. but the time and mass only cancel there effects when it comes to doppler effect frequency to reciever otherwise they do NOT cancel or automatically cancel but in light it is not m it is frequency do to everything I have talked about also when coming toward at 2c then each velocity divides by two to get c in non wave non reality now in wave non reality it is below light speed etc. because of everything I have talked about and this goes for any wave of any particle ecxcept in light photons a liitle different by everything I have talked about and wave cancel and mass to zero to replace by frequency and E etc. so if one is c/2 and other is 3c/2 in terms of non wave non reality then the 3c/2 will be 1/3 as below light speed as the c/2 in wave non reality etc. now in particle waves time and mass do not really cancel they just caancel their effects on the wave and in light they cancel their appearances in the wave etc. now before and after the powersteppng systems for each powerstepper have another freeze with expo(cx) after cx is readjusted as well as in recylces before and after simple or trck systems and use rick if not wating to positify it and use all this in recycles also and a simple or trick before and after freeze circuits then for straight currents go sqrt(k*c*k*c+k*s*k*s) as well as added sqrt arcsine and simple rectify then use simple or trick right after entire relay right before straight currents then a parallel circuit then the freeze circuits to manipulate the straight currents also the unit crrent is expo(cx) or whatever etc. also the blackholes cannot freeze time still see frequency means more 'a's but less amplitude for less difference to the same also in gravity it goes light speed for same reasons also the particles same deals with waves but the time will only slow down to a certain amount depending on the particle because the circle will limit the wavelength and also the particle can slow down in and increase mass as far as waves will let it and waves get larger in wavelength and amplitude only to a certain extent before average velocity decides to stop it because the velocity cannot handle that kind of amplitude then the average approaches light speed so the amplitude is such that the average velocity along the wave is light speed approached not along axis even with slide thus the particle never get's to approach light speed now the longer wavelength cancels higher amplitude effects so electron or proton approaches sommething smaller but same appproach all the time thus the time never freezes!!! and it all depends on the particle also in general even if mass infinite the waves stand their ground thus the time never freezes and mass never goes to infinite now in dark matter all the rules the waves cause are irrelevent because dark matter has no waves also in dark matter mass is rc when moving away mass increases then mass greator then same radius more mass now it is e^(x*x) [x*x because two bodies] then the gravity increases (as well as all other fields) to pull it in then decrease does the opposite as in e^(-x*x) so dark matter has very good orbit control and hold the galaxy together!!! now in the particles and photons waves and properties and behaviors to all given situations are the same with exceptions now in tan(1+v+v*v...etc.) go dm/2 because of the nature of the situation then the following is true dmdm/(1+m*m) is (-2*dmdv/(sqr(v-1))) then m*m to -m because the situation is negative with 1/(1-v) and then go as the thing is e^(-mv/(v-1)) to -m and subtract one then -m is (1-v)/(2v-1) minus one then (2-3v)/(2v-1) is -m then m must be the (3v-2)/(2v-1) which is one when v is one thus sin(infinite) is (sqrt(2))/2 and tangent is one!!! now in 2*v/(((sin(2v))/2)+2v) is x/y then if x is average velocity then y is actual velocity at a given point then v is c in velocity along sine wave curve y verse velocity x along general speed of particle with slide and ofcourse average along axis x to actual y then if actual velocity along curve verse average along axis just go (x*x)/(y*y) also when crossing c then x/y becomes one then one goes y/x and (y*y)/(x*x) etc. now how will the axis be longer then the curve well it won't but the axis has a z as well as a y etc. now this is a case of what has been happening in a lot of phenomina like when time and velocity slow down the actual time and velocity do not but instead the curve is longer or shorter in a perpendicular dimension so take this effect and apply it to everything and mass and time and velocity and frequency and wavelength and amplitude etc. now in frequency for example the velocity and time and mass is changing in perpendicular dimension so to appear like higher frequency or lower and another perpendicular dimension is for amplitude to appear larger or smaller etc. and more dimensions like w etc. as well as everone else and the z can shrink liniar length as well as expand it etc. now the speed is the same when at top or bottom of curve because it is one and multiply by two since the velocity must do this as in in numerator multiply by two since velocity must by twice on the average and with slide etc. and slide is actual a sine z value etc. now the ultimate reason for 2*v in the numerator of the fraction instead of v is the part of equation that says sin(2x) in the dimension equation as in everyhing is twice frequency thus twice fraction for everything now in the illusion theory the relativity distortions are illusions of what is happening to make it look like something is happening that really is not because the hidden dimensions are hiding the phenomina so we see not the hidden dimensions but only the appearent dimension so say a ball one sees one side of the ball and slope and a bird's eye view only with no gravity and in space and the ball is misteriously slowing down well what you do not see is the large downward slope it has to cover!!! our eyes were made to see bird's eye view side view front view but we cannot see bird's eye and side and front all at once!!! so this is ofcourse metaphorical but not to far off!!! now the amplitude divided by the wavelength is pi/2 and reciprical is 2/pi then length/axis is 2 and reciprical is 1/2 in multiples of pi see if wave half size then twice as many waves in a pi in axis but if this changes then the ((sin(2v))/2) plus 2v will change somewhat but the ratio is the same for x and y making it the same story also the real reason why multiplying fraction by two is related to this see each derivative line goes dow by sqrt(2) and then by another to 1/2 thuus the two in the phenomina!!! now in giant derivative circuits or plates use capacitors on one side for every even wire and diode on other side and solve for t and use t on plate and for every odd just switch around and the number of odds is the number of evens and braches from one main wire and all identical and as many wires as possible and all plates same number of wires and odd and even same also the wire disperses through the plate etc. now the dimesions keep repeatng themselves as in seeing all sides is seeing back to two dimensions and seeing in three dimensions is back to line dimensions etc.!!! also the dimensions in the dimensions can be any function or sqrt(-1) or anything!!! also each dimension can be totally different and each dimension in dimension can also be totally different and totally everything now n the barriers the negative constant canncels the positive thus the effects are canceled to make the field uneffected but in infinie barrier again uneffected but in finite with no negative the feld is effected and in nuclear the toucher is right under the barrier and a toucher is a touch barrier also because of the way the electrons are engolfing the toucher has zero effect at large distance because the positive and negative cancel with the same center and the toucher is unbalanced with the barrier at certain distance also charge is the same because all field particles the same but some big particles have more particles or bigger identical as in same but more cylinders or same angles different shapes etc. also the center and distance do not change nature of field or sister field etc. as in electron and proton at same distance same charge and derivative intregal etc. also one field can have more then one equation and set of constants etc. also a field can have for barriers functions instead of constants etc. now in the powr of magnetic field is BV times d(B)/d(t) or B times d(BV)/d(t) then the qVB is f then f/(qV) is B then ma/(qat) the m/(qt) then derive in terms of t then -m/(qtt) then VB/(mq) is power and V is voluume of cavity f is force q is charge m is mass t is time etc. then now in rc is c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) then v*v/r is v*v*sqrt(c*c-v*v) then rename 'a' is A*A*sqrt(c*c-A*A) and so B*(c*c-B*B) is 'a' then 'a'/'a1' is [B*(c*c-B*B)]/[B*B*sqrt(c*c-B*B)] and the B replaced A because the perpendicular velocity for 'a1' then 'a' and 'a1' are accelerations perpendicular then you get [sqrt(c*c-B*B)]/B then that is A/[sqrt(c*c-A*A)] then intregal in terms of A is sqrt(c*c-A*A) which means a circle or ellipse where ellipse if one is greater where the other one is not or hyperpola where one is negative and parabola if the two are equal in magnitude but one is negative but I already proved that the bodies move in these conditions thus the mass is rc in non reality no waves and also reality thus the waves are the only reason mass is not radius times distance!!! but no waves in dark matter!!!! now in the m*v*v/r and 1/(r*r) when going slower the mass approaches one at zero speed of whole particle then v is always c then r must be one now whenn mass is zero say 1/2 then r is 1/2 then same force but again 1/r to 1/(r*r) thus r mst be one and mass is not zero as in mass goes from zero to one infinitely fast in older proofs so frequency increases and amplitude decreases and frequency increases when slowing down thus energy by frequency increases but by relativity decreases further then frequency liniarly increases also when this happens the length per axis distance is same now in newtonian this is true but in relativity there is slower down and increased mass thus more energy and v1 goes to c etc. also the other stuff moves according to time and mass which moves according to relativity and newtonian combined now the velocity controls mass and time and time controls velocity aand everything controls every other thing and one sometimes means c or light speed now force times time to v/sqrt(c*c-v*v) and energy to v*v/(c*c-v*v) then for momentum go -sqrt(c*c-v*v) and for energy go -ln(c*c-v*v) see for enrgy I had to go dvdv since I put an extra time in and then the extra 'a' then when v is c then total intregal of momentum is zero and total intregal of energy is ln(infinite) or infinite loosely speaking!!! also energy is momentum squared this is why momentum can be negative or positive but energy must always be positive!!! so you can have infinite energy with only c momentum or light speed!!! now the extra 'a' in v is the force in f*t or momentum and and the f*d or energy to cancel the 'a' now the t extra is compensated for in the denominator thus dvdv and the v*v at the top the extra v is for (1/2)*m*v*v energy verse m*v for momentum and the 1/2 diappears by how much it adds to verses average thus the energy is ln(infinite) at momentum is zero because momentum can add negatively and energy just keeps adding positively!!! now in the dv/dt is s*s is e^(m*m*v*v/(c*c)) the ddv/d(t*t) is w*w is e^(s*s*v*v/(c*c)) etc. then dv/dt for s and ddv/d(t*t) for w etc. then the kozak function machine should just by this pattern put velocity into infinite because s goes to w etc. instantly then divide by infinite but you have e^(infinite) thus infinitely fast velocity in finite time for kozak function!!! also remember the function machine does alot more than this!!! now the time is finite and small why then the velocity will simply be huge and fast to compress energy now in the powerstepper branch each wire between powersteppers and then take those branches and parallel combined then sie*sine plus cosine*cosine and derivative rectify and for the deivative part use polarizer derivative system and these often come together anyway but then take this current powerstep the heck out of it and switches will stage time to switch it to larger powerstepping lines or loops as in minipowersteppers and you can have more than one loop in series or parallel all on one switch etc. and make a new sine wave to put in beginning of powerstepper and this is the powerstepper converter and remember negative systems as well as positive nw a converter like this is for anything now all pulsers exactly the same with exceptions and all powersteppers exactly the same with exceptions now when going c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) then when time is out on the other side it is sqrt(-1) or i then c/sqrt(v*v-c*c) and when pass infinite the t/infinite time times infinite is finite distance so time slows down and to zero then fires in the same direction then at infinite it is zero but in time on other side it was one why well at zero velocity remember c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) times zero mass until c is v and remember at infinite it is zero again just like in the last theory!!! also this explains the reverse effects on the force mass and acceleration heads and other things a while ago now the illusion theory is example a sine wave in z direction but say we only see x and y again metaphorical but not far off also the illusion theory explains why the ball behaves one way at bird's eye view and another way at front view all metaphorical but real and so the illusion theory explains all of relativity and gravity or any field distorts all the dimensions to make speeds different in differet parts of field as in there is no field but there is see the cylinders distort it good but there is no actual force so thus illusion theory explains general and special and all of relativity!!!!! now in the intregal of mv dmdv is intregal of mv d(mv) because take a length of line is same as area of graph and in vectors when this happens intregal of m*v or dot product in terms of t is intregal of [mxv] [] means value x means matrix crossng and m and v are vectors xi+yj+zk and x1i+y1j+z1k i j and k are one and all other variables are functions of t thus intregal of mv*sin(0/2) or cross product value is intregal of mv*cos(0/2) or dot product then if 0 is pi/2 or 90 degrees to make both sine and cosine (sqrt(2))/2 or equal then the kozak equation is a matrix system!!! and 0 is not zero but feta then the kozak equation can also get the angle!!! and this angle is what the angle at infinite!!! also get mv*(sin(0))*sqrt(1-(sin(0))*(sin(0))) from mv*sin(0) and mv*(cos(0))*sqrt(1-(cos(0))*(cos(0))) now the dot between m and v is the only dot that can mean dot product also why all this well in the sqrt(1-x*x) the invert function is itself so derivative of invert function times dervative of function is one which is what we want is the area boxes of derivatives so then the double intregal where the derivative is one unit mv see the take the derivative of intregals in terms of m then v and make (0) or feta into in terms of mv and then v n terms of m then derive then m in terms of v then derive then both are mv*sin(20) which should be sin(0) then divide by 2 to get 45 degrees or pi/4 then (0) is really pi/2 or 90 degrees also the dot between the m*v is only the dot product when I am addressing vectors otherwise it means multiplying now when going x*sqrt(1-x*x) then go dx*sqrt(1-x*x) where x is sin(0) or cos(0) the dx*sqrt(1-x*x) then just go ddx*(-x/sqrt(1-x*x)) then go the following to get it right ddx*(-(x/(sqrt(1-x*x)))) but the ddx is -x to get x*(x/(sqrt(1-x*x))) then the same will happen for y as in the following y*(y/(sqrt(1-y*y))) then rewrite the y as y*((sqrt(1-x*x))/x))) then multiply and get x and y now the derive twice means dx/dx or dy/dy or one!!! to get unit area squares or unit lines see the deivative had to go twice because to get unit area squares then the derivative of area or dx times sqrt(1-x*x) was already a derivative to work with squares then derive both but ddx times d(sqrt*(1-x*x)/dx now but why each seperate derivative because they are perpendicular!!! then the second derivative for each is to get the squares also the when multiplied will always get one then the squares are whatever but not effected so then the squares are one!!! so now the [vxw] is v*w or area is unit and this all proves that the kozak equation works plus it proves other things mentioned as well now why does v*w is [vxw] well the in v*w the dimensional axises are all perpendicular as in one so x*1 and y*1 etc. to get x and y etc. and the perpendicular [vxw] is equal by the angle being pi/2 or 90 degrees thus it is all equal now the one thing also explains why you can multiply cos(0) on sine side and sin(0) on cosine side also look carefully the rods for circle to integrate are the same on y axis or x axis as in the circle makes the same exact situation and values whether from y side or x side it does not matter thus the multiplying is the same!!! now remember dx or dy suggests you are only doing cosine or only sine at first which is the case before multiplying and x is sqrt(1-y*y) then the invert is the same y is sqrt(1-x*x) it gives same values also y is sine and cosine is x also do not confuse x the angle which is 0 or feta with x the cosine!!! now d(sqrt(1-x*x)) is -x/(sqrt(1-x*x)) is dy then dx is d(sqrt(1-y*y)) is -y/(sqrt(1-y*y)) then y is sqrt(1-x*x) and x is sqrt(1-y*y) then d(xy) is one then 2*feta must be pi/2 or 90 degrees hint:(sin(20)) also when multiplying x side by sqrt(1-x*x) and the y side by sqrt(1-y*y) then since d(xy) is one then you go to one side is x and one side is y then derive the other variable to get one and one or same!!! and this works if feta stays as pi/2 which it does!!! so nothing changes thus everything works!!! see ths is partial differentation to get to entire derivative!!! so if I get cos(0) out of sin(0) side and cos(0) out of cos(0) side then I divide the whole thing by one in terms of derivatives and squares then the kozak equation really works since the angle is 90 now all dimensions are pi/2 from each other so kozak equation works all the time!!! see d(xy)/dx to dy is a one and d(xy)/dy to dx is a one!!!!! now one more thing when I say 20 I really mean 0 and when I say 0 I really mean 0/2 and when I say 0/2 I really mean 0/2 and feta is 0 then this is for recent only cases of 0 then it all works!!! now d(xy) plus d(yx) is dx/dx plus dy/dy in the cross product and dot product respectively each two to two is two etc. thus it works and in three it would be six crosses with three dots then n! crosses to n dots and n! means n factorial also each dot would meet (n-1)! crosses so lower matrix thus each one step under matrix would be a dot but then each lower matrix is to another dot so really n! dots to n! crosses making the kozak equation universal!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

new ideas on relativity special and general

now in the field increase and distance decrease go m*v*v/r and 1/(r*r) go twice velocity four times force twice mass half radius and waves go half frequency twice amplitude twice mass so both agree to twice mass which is time also now distance decrease without velocity increase then use energy as in m*v*v then v is same then mass is half and same frequency same amplitude half energy half mass (also amplitude is radius of trace when not movng) also if potential turns into kinetic then the both of them but then m*v*v velocity is twice then mass is half and so half of half to twice is total of half multiple total that is when I do field and distance I take into account force otherwise energy because of times distance for movement but not field although distance changes but in field I only talk of two single points in the phenomina in field that is also this is for gravity or any field and remember what happens to mass happens to time now a while ago I said c*c*(ln(t*t))/2 well I ment c*c*(sqr(ln(t*t)))/2 thus c*ln(t) is (1/2)*(a*t*t) then go from there also for special twice speed half frequency twice amplitude half energy twice radius then twice mass and remember I am going by two or three types of velocity the cycloid the revolve and the general motion all but two types the last two can be classified as general and then one is perpendicular to the other thus one can go sqrt(k*k-v*v) or sqrt(k*k-z*z) these waves may be why the middle of the galaxy does nt fly apart I mean the mass is tiny when the forces are huge and distance relatively small and do not forget the barriers etc. now remember whatever you do to cycloid you do to spiral with exceptions also the spiral is always perpendicular and in cycloid if the trace is a sine wave then slide is cosine all plus c etc. also cx means the exponent turns into e^(e^cx) then e^(e^(e^cx)) etc. see c would just be exponential but cx awakens the flexibility of exponent now with cxx it would just build twice as fast etc. also gyroscopic makes spiral agree with the rest of the phenomina and it is these perpendicularities is why mass and fields of the "moving" only enlarge to the "stationary" point of view and why the "stationary" mass and fields only enlarge to the "moving" pont of view etc. now more mass with more frequency velocity larger then mass increase larger proportionally because velocity stays the same energy increase liniarly then mass increase the frequency decrease to mass increase because of relativity it all goes velocity v*sqrt(k*k-v*v) so mass increase no matter what when speeding up in special relativity but i general relativity the story is a little different!!! frequency directly proportional to mass and also mass goes c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) or c/(sqrt(c*c-v*v)) etc. also keep in mind force times radius or force times distance is energy or m*v*v and force is m*v*v/r now velocity stays the same because frequency increase and amplitude decrease so for half the distance half the length to travel thus same velocity then mass increase for ergy increase also this is the same for any wave except there is no relativity frequency getting slower for particles at light speed now in general same deal but with effects of field now in c*ln(t) is (1/2)*a*t*t go c*ln(c*c/(v*v)) is a*t*t then when v is past light speed then then time and aceleration are negative to make the same phenomina as both positive but time is squared then a*t*t is negative to equal other side of equation now when c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) v is zero to get one then c to get c*infinite then 't' goes c/sqrt(v*v-c*c) then c*sqrt(2) to get one again then off to zero then ln(1) to ln(n) then ln(infinite) then ln(1) then ln(0) n is a number between 1 and infinite

Friday, December 25, 2015

post of corrrections and more

now in the powersteppers and pulsers and pulsers inside powersteppers use a unit current and on the otherside a freezer circuit and the freezer circuit could branch layer signals to many parallel circuits now for any pulser use a well insulated circuit to unit current and fewer layers for powerstepper as a whole use no insulation and much more layers in freezer circuit and ofcourse branch to parrallel circuit and for powersteppers making up a circuit many series and parallel and also for pulsers and the shape can be anything also for unit current have a layered signal wth a capacitor and solve for 't' and do whatever to 't' to get the proper wave as it liniar wave to sine wave machine (liniar wave from 't') and also the unit current branches to all the freezer systems etc. and all of everything for a powerstepper is controled by one capacitor and stronger capacitors for the delay time to happen as in one wave then the other etc. so waves overlap also stronger capacitor is more delay time also everything identical with exceptions and in power stepper unit currents fr pulsers and whole powerstepper as a whole are from one branch out of layered signal for capacitor also do not make series or the freezers will make a product for the current also in the powerhead be sure to keep insulation the same but use a function circuit on the unit current of freezer to get to another dimension or even a miniture function machine to go to another dimension that will change dimensions to go to other dmensions!!! now in integrators if the supply is less by 1/2 and the thing to integrate half then the time of integrate is the same then if the thing to integrate is back to one then then time is half the if both are twice as much then the time is still half so it does not care what the supply is the rate it uses it is the same for same thing to integrate so the supply can use the function no matter what and use a freeze and the unit current can come from a tiny source also in the function machine in the derivative circuit use a parallel circuit to signal if going from f(x) to f(g(x)) then go derivative to f'(x) and go signal is g'(x) and then take the resulting (f'(g(x)))*(g'(x)) the g(x) appears in the f'() because the circuit is parallel off of the main current to make the parallel circuit able to do that since x in parallel circuit is now different) see I changed x in the process of messing with the derivative to now get new x and g(x) take the current off of the parallel circuit and integrate and go f(g(x)) and if going from f(g(x)) to f(x) do the same thing except now 1/(g'(x)) so now the process is reversed and the g'(x) is canceled by its invert and f'(x) is dervative of f(x) and derivative of g(x) is g'(x) etc. so the x changes because the mai current sees a change and changes the x because it is a derivative as in current is x*x oh no derivative 2x is changing then go 2 and less proportionately x then the x in the function changed and now apply this to all situations as in x*x*x then 3*x*x they must agree then the left over x must change x also sin(x) to cos(x) again derivative must agree with function to make x change proportionately to all functions also always use freezers in supply to integraters and parallel circuits now in the g'(x) say the derivative rectangle with f'(x) height is f'(x) times dx for area well multiply the rectangle by another to get a volume rod but if multiplyng by g'(x) then to get the (f'(x))*(g'(x)) the rectangle must counteract since the derivative must still be the same then dx is now g'(x) and the x is now g(x) as much thus (f'(g(x)))*(g'(x)) now huge correction if I said (f'(g'(x)))*(g'(x)) or (f'(g'(x))) or anything invloving (f'(g'(x))) I really ment in all cases (f'(g(x))) now for g'(x) I ment g'(x) and for g(x) I ment g(x) now don't get me wrong when integrater current equals supply or is less then rate of integration is zero otherwise it does not care!!! so always keep supply higher see if integrated is higher then integrated will dictate integrator so always keep supply much much higher!!! now remember when amplutide is smaller by 1/x and frquency is larger by x or vice versa the AVERAGE speed along the curve does not change also m*v*v/(r*r) is k*q*q/(r*r) then multiple of r to get energies equal then m*v*v is k*q*q thus velocity and mass are both proportional to field strength but if mass velocity and radius work together the way they do the fields are NOT effected by any distortions but are ofcourse effected basically just NOT by general relativity but it IS effected by special relativity since it is a different story!!! so play the way it has been playing and apply reality first then apply distortions of non reality since the real stuff must come first remember the fields of the object undergoing special relativity are increase in field but since the fields are normal when with the ship then the object it passes or really the object passing the "moving" object fieldss increase but only to that object and fields proportional to appearent mass not reality mass becuase the objects are in non reality and the universe expands exponentially because of the rc rule and if moving from tice the mass then the rc says e^(e^x) etc. by kozak rule that says past light speed and 2^2x means now the two makes the x expand all the more so 2^(2^x) etc. then imagine the total mass is the number of function build!!! but the universe will slow down when hitting first energy level from center then the non-reality will get harder to make it slow down so in reality energy creation!!! now if the frequncy is x and amplitude is 1/x the length of curve per complete cycle is 1/x times as much but if frequency is 1/x and amplitude is x then the length of curve per complete cycle is x times as much now when I say K-rc for repel and -K+rc for attract take the absolute value and it is in terms of mass and maybe other stuff but not force in force they go the same way in the same manner k*q*q/(r*r) and everything is finite for repel and attract even when centers are together as one center because the radius of the particles stays finite!!! now when cylnders get close the axises align the same way van der waals syncronizes or magnetic filings align in a magnet and this is true for any kind and all axises except wobble angles or anything in a similiar situation as wobble angles in terms of finite and infinite see the clicks are infinitely small in time duration and infinite in number per finite time and infinitely small in force with a net 1/infinite so angle of wobble does not get manipulated not to mention wobbles are infinitely fast for 1/infinite mass to make finite momentum so the force times time time infinite per finite time then one is fighting finite with 1/infinite to make the velocity and mass the same and un negotiable!!! but other axises will align but if angles of wobble are not the same then axis align or no axis align the cylinders do not interact so whether same wobble angles or not direction is flexible but if and only if same wobble angles cylinders will then interact!!! also what I mean by same wobble angle change is same pattern of wobble angle change and therefore same wobble and at all times and in all cylinders to interact within or between particles the angle wobble and change in angle wobble is always identical now the rotation of the woble is not identical within or between particles now in axises the cylnder is k/infinite mass and infinitely fast velocity thus the axis is k or finite and in situations like these the axises are manipulated and aligned and the wobble to the c*infinite speed is c+v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) and multiply infinite on the c and only the c then in C+(a/2)*(sin(2x)) multiply infinite only on the x and c thus the waves and lobes wind up finite in height width and all dimensions!!! so whether hey change direction and align or neither or only one of the two depends on the stituations now the cylinder tracer then the second tracer the lobes are the waves and vice versa and a wave is really the second tracer but the waves being traced spiral or cycloid are something else so the second tracer traces cycloid spiral and lobes and the waves that are really lobes thus one lobe is all of them etc. now tracer one and two work together also tracer one does same things except multiply processes each by infinite and the cylinder tracer traces the larger tracer which traces the particle and the two tracers together trace all the cylinders and work together to trace everything else also the lobes or waves move becuase the cylinders and tracer are such that strobe light effect where blades appear to be moving backwards forwards standing still etc. and the cylinders move strobe same stuff becuase of the cylinder tracer and larger tracer see both work together!!!! noe do not get cunfused the time used up is c/sqrt(k*k-v*v) and the time flowwing by and the time flowing rate is (1/c)*sqrt(k*k-v*v) also for all (c*c-v*v)'s (a*a-v*v)'s or (c*c-z*z)'s or or (a*a-z*z)'s or sqrt of any of them or anything like this I have ever typed am typing and will type I want it to mean (k*k-v*v)'s or (k*k-z*z)'s or sqrt of any of them and v when v and z when z and whatever when whatever k is 'a' or c thus more flexibilities now one thing the v*sqrt(k*k-v*v) is for waves and v is a sine wave of a*sin(x) now if I said use this for overall non-reality velocity time freezes so this can be done as well but only for certain situations remember it is a matter of which time one is going by used up or flowing thus c*c/2 for max but square root again because the amplitude was c to get c/2 also you can do all this with 'a' there are many possiblities take all information into account and play it by ear there may be errors now the reality speed is c+v*sqrt(k*k-v*v) or c+(a/2)*(sin(2x)) now in (k*k-v*v) or (k*k-z*z) and sqrt them or not for each if I say v I might mean v or z and if I say z I might mean v or z now in light the mass cancels to a constant which means the effects by m is varied according to energy so all that happens is mass is replaced by energy or more like mass is replaced by frequency now in mass objects wave ampliude can get smaller only to a/2 and same with light photons now general relativity is bend the light waves to slow closer part of particle and fast farther part of particle so waves deform thus light will bend but average speed never changed now in mass objects it can change speed and direction so in a blackhole the light is going in a circle the direct shot of photon upward will happen but the speed wave is as long in wavelength or whole number multiple or divided (only one of those is correct) then the distance to travel before blackhole pulls it back and the average always the same in an ellipse circle or straight out from a blackhole anything exponential anything and I think these speed waves are reponsible for discrete energy levels being discrete!!! also spiral does everything a cylcloid does with exceptions ad cycloid does everything a spiral does with exceptions now how badly the waves bend is average thickness x then in terms of energy thus 1/(r-x) minus 1/r then 1/(r*(r-x)) then as x approaches zero 1/(r*r) thus definitely discrete energy levels in an atom and almost no discreteness in the planets and sun galaxies stars etc. and gravity instead of charge effects it also and magnetism and gravitomagnetism every field with a sister field etc. now angle of wobble is not the same the cylinder's axis which is parallel to the particle axis which is the same axis as each of all basic particles making it up and when trying to change each axis of each cylinder all are attracted to each other to change all together like infinitely fast dominoe effect (a basic particle has its own cylinders with a given angle of wobble pattern of change) but the axis for the whole particle can change but the axis within particle must be the same for all basic particles and cylinders also increase mass and increase amplitude make up for decrease frequency squared and factor in time thus the end result is frequency is v*v then go m*v*v*amplitude to keep energy the same then amplitude is sqrt(k*k-v*v) since it is perpendicular to frequency effect then go v*v/sqrt(k*k-v*v) then r or radius says take one v out then integrate to sqrt(k*k-v*v) then the total energy it gained is the last function in here from v is zero to v is c or really c but the average speed is zero then the total energy is zero then if one the total energy is one then is one then if at c the energy is c and no matter how the waves are manipulated thus this sqrt(k*k-v*v) turns out to be sqrt(c*c-v*v) because it is energy then the c average velocity calls for c and this wave system also calls for c and initial mass calls for m*c*c but initial mass to what reference so m*c*c no matter what mass at what point also this all means time must slow down to make things right!!! also at some point I proved freqency has squared effect becuase v*v/r increase frequency increases velocity squared and amplitude only increases r liniar thus freqency wins by a liniar thus the energy of light being proportional to frequency even though amplitude decreases when amplitude increases velocity decreases frequency makes velocity as a square then m*v*v/r is force but force times distance so when covering twice the distance then twce the energy or power times same time when in reality time now frequency is force increasing by a square to increase power per time by a square for same reality time now all the cylinders' axises in the particle are at all times parallel to the axis of the whole particle and eveybody in the partcle has the same axis now the second tracer traces the particle lobes and the wave the particle follows and does the same exact stuff for both and the second tracer is finite in speed as in average light speed also the base dimensions are perpendiculars but the construct dimensions are the graphs based off of the base dimensions also to change dimensions make the particles behave differently also the base dimensions are infinite inn number and are always there but the construct dimensions can or cannot display base dimensions!!! also the particle spin or third tracer also traces the waves the particle follows also it might be the third tracers job only to trace the wave the paticle follows now what happpens to the circular liniar rifle magnetic thruster and all accelerators are all the same with ofcourse exceptions also the square root arcsine derive simple or trick simple rectifier always comes with the sqrt(k*cosine*k*cosine plus k*sine*k*sine) and vice versa with ofcourse exceptions also trick is short for trick simple also the rifle accelerator might be the liniar accelerator and vice versa also all acelerators and container explosive same stuff with exceptions and apply all these inventions theories and ideas to everything in this blog now anti trigonometric go inner function times 2/(pi) first and trigonometric go inner function times (pi)/2 first also inner means the function inside the trigonemetric or anti trigonometric also n construct dimensions x goes liniarly positive one to one slope from zero to one then liniarly negative one to one slope from one to zero one is multiply indent and zero is add indent so the dimensions choose these values and one to one slope because of function invert or negative function invert and whenever I ever said ever am saying or ever will say function invert I don't mean fraction flip I mean function that does the opposite of the given function unless I say otherwise now when invert trigonemetric to anti trigonometric go inner function times 4/((pi)*(pi)) and vice versa go ((pi)*(pi))/4 also x is base for all construct dimensions now everything is true except not between z ero and one instead between negative one and postive one also consturct dimensions can be negative or positive or anything even sqrt(-1)!!! or imaginary numbered function etc. or even arcsin(17) ln(-2) sqrt(sqrt(-1)) anything!!! and this is all because the contructs are merely builds off of the base dimensions that can be negative or positive or anything etc. but base dimensions have to be real and definite and measurable numbers!!! now when the wave wavelength is larger and amplitude larger and circular speed smaller alll by liniar or invert of v or sqrt(c*c-v*v) then speed of particle must look slower because of wave but in reality t is still going light speed and apply this kind of consistency or opposite with any energy consistency explanations as part of the phenomina for future phenomina to explain all phenomina use everything I wet over in this whole blog and especially the recent theories now in the slowing down of a particle the mass is c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) and the mass is tiny then v1 is inversely proportional to mass where v1 is sqrt(c*c-v*v) then when stopped the rotational is v1 if velocity of particle is v then when v is slow then mass is small but the constant makes the particle generally a tiny mass but the radius is also generally tiny but by reality rule the general velocity is c the the wave is small frequency thus when the particle approaches zero it can't because the wave is still moving!!! as in the combined velocities will not be light speed below a certain point because they are both liniary proportional but the v1 has a constant added to it as in slide must stay to make the wave one canot smooch off of the slide thus without slide is zero and no messing with slide so wave stays as wave so the velocity inside the wave stays as c then both of these theories say that the particle cannot move any slower but faster is always limited by c whereas slow depends on particle as n radius masses etc. I mean one will never see an electron going zero and this also applies to all particles including photons and since photons already go light speed the upper bound phenomina makes it so waves are maxed out to gama rays as well as minned slower to radio waves and same for all other particles now light goes c but no mass the cancelation is a constant back to the formulas now have many wires on both sides of each plates the rims as the sides with capacitors for each wire equal wire spacing everything identical even between plates and the plate is a giant derivative circuit with no diode becuase the currents run against each other and the current is first integrated before doing so for each plate whatever the current may be it must be whatever one does to corresponding magnet central, push, disk, signal, or relay magnets whatever also the non reality dimension is where mass goes c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) but it is bending a liniar slope then go c/v1 then to stay c in non reality then reality must be c*v1 or really cx where x is one to one liniar then everything is true but reality is cx that is why universe expands so horrifically thus mass increases liniarly with radius and speed increases liniarly with time thus energy is cubic hence three dimensions before counting time!!! now in plates keepp the wires evenly spaced identically and for rims keep wires right across from each other

Saturday, December 5, 2015

this post is because the last one is over flowing

now in the freezer circuits in the powerhead have a negative and positive identical circuit systems for this and for anything now in the resonator have unit current control freezer to control main current to through insulation control unit current and in the resonator go sine*sine or square the wave then to zero to height and back all the controlers will be locked in each others pattern to agree as in the square happens intitially then the initial must be at least one wave length preferably zero to positve to zero to negatve back to start so now you can put thousands of waves in from one wave machne also the sqrt(cosine*cosine plus sine*sine) where you make one from the other by phase shift of pi/2 as in sine((pi/2)-x) or something else then when the sound iis greator the smooth current is greator now now you can do liniarlize derive and simple rectify you can do phase shifts of constants or other functions you can do sin(x) or sin(f(x)) and ofcourse you must square them to put them in the freezer and combinations won't hurt either and compound waves won't hurt also now the conic sensors can go by angle of cone to use magnetic thruster disks thruster pointing to the center of disk in a circle to use the cone to get distance and the multiply the amount of resister current made by the switch of the moving disk by angle that light hits the plate and resistor is up while angle of incidence is perpendicular then the product is max at a certain point like in calculus a perfect square most value and that signals the unit current and if too small the currents will shut each other down and then instead of a wave machne use the plates to push into as well as insulate and signal the unit current so in DNA resonance you can use this and track where the dangerous person is and get him before the next innocent person gets hurt also the unwanted waves are taken from wanted waves by canceling wanted waves then unwanted waves cancel themselves to get only wanted waves also the waves can hit a disk on a satelite to do the same stuff to locate the dangerous person etc. also you can do this with gravity waves nuclear waves etc. by vacuum and receptor particles etc. now in the cylinders the cone spaces get larger and the distance radial get is larger when increase distance to get 1/(d*d) but in sister fields the cone is following in quantity then only one 1/d etc. now in these compound waves or more then one wave superimposed on another or three or a million etc. the direction can also be regulated by polarizer machine also the compounds happens with wave lengths amplitudes and phase shifts and one can get derivatives and sqrt(cosine*cosne plus sine*sine) and phase shifts etc. to find speed of wave in sound in light which would be c any waves and ocean waves phase shifts etc. so all this can be put into freezer compound anything squared as long as cycle natured or conpounded cycle natured the controls will agree and follow each other!!! now huge importance for everythng ever invented in ths blog when going cosine*cosine or sine*sine all wth same function or diffeent functions inside the cosine's or sine's you can simple rectify then square or square then simple rectify either is fine now when the timing stage witch sytem switches and resarts itself the only positive is now negative and positive again and ths can be used in everything!!! now cycle natured or compound cycle natured or any kind of cycle natured is going back to the same exact start and repeating the process exactly the same again all this can happen in the freezer unit system or sine wave system or a lot of systems now in the gyrsoscopic when spiral and wave are slower because of faster speed the amplitude says increase in mass and the slower spiral says increase in mass to keep the energy correct and v*v/r correct and when spiral slower by a sqrt(c*c-v*v) then the v1 or new v is v*v/r and when frquenncy deceases amplitude increases liniarly then the hypotenuse off of those two is mass increasing by c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) all to keep energy the same now when rc then mass will decrease by 1/r then increase by velocity as c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) then when r is larger mass is larger by liniar and larger by c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) then the velocity must change again to mess everything up and same if r is smaller also the waves are time lapse all on each other to hold it to even devision of waves meaning whole number but not necessarily an even whole number so mass will increase like that or decrease like that and now the waves are larger in amplitude and wavelength when mass is smaller like the Earth has these waves with slight and only slight difference in energy levels and in light photon the mass is smaller and when decreasing the waves get larger in wavelength and amplitude so waves barriers and mass and energy must all agree to make it an energy level so half energy by (1/2)*m^v^v is also for v*v/r thus everything agree's!!! so force is m*v*v/r where energy is kqq/r then direct to energy!!! now for cylinders when increasing speed to x on spiral and waves then amplitude the amplitude and wavelength is 1/(x*infinite) and the spiral is sqrt((c*infinite*c*infinite) minus (x*infinite*x*infinite)) and for light the particles cancel the sine waves to each other spiral and wave to perpendicular magnetism and charge so the avergage speed of whole particle is c along the straight x axis also z is proportional to frequency times frequency times amplitude and c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) and all that hypotenuse together and amplitude and frequency behave as c/sqrt(c*c-z*z) because it is a spiral only in the direction that is not perpendicular to speed or velocity also remember for particles it is c or v etc. for cylinders it is infinite times all of that also in particles revolving that would be a larger spiral and wave effect and the big hypotenuse does not change with orientation now in spiral I mean like a helix as in circle then perpendicular to circle is velocity now go v*v/r where r is sqrt(c*c-v*v) to equal rate of r then v1*v1 is (c*c-v*v) then v*v/r for a total of sqrt(c*c-v*v)/c then mass must be the invert or c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) also the v's contain c or 1/c to get the numerator to keep energy the same also mass is time because more mass slower moving then v*v/r then time under goes the same abuse to get c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) then t*t is e^(sqr(vt/c)) then (ln(t*t))/(t*t) is v*v/(c*c) then v*v is at*at but former proof says 'a' is a constant then the following c*c*(ln(t*t))/2 is a*a*t*t*t*t/2 then c*ln(t) is ((1/2)*a*t*t) then c*ln(t*t) is a*t*t then c*ln((c*c)/(v*v)) is a*t*t or a*c*c/(v*v) now the actual velocity I am using is sqrt(c*c-v*v) so go c/r (v*v/r is 'a') is (1/2)*c/r is ln(c/(v)) then go K1-K*c/r is lnv then -d(K*c*(1/r))/dt is (1/v)*dv/dt then then go (K*c/(r*r))*v is a/v then K*c*v*v is a*r*r then getting back to the real velocity go K*c*(c*c-v*v) is a*r*r then acceleration depends on the force and (c*c-v*v) and 'a' can change now this is for kozak behavior but it also works with regular functions because in the acceleration treat it like a whole bunch of lines together and tiny to 1/infinity and ofcourse you can take the nth root of the function to get one single c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) because exponents with a constant do not change parttern of behavior thus energy is the same now using K loosely go K*sqrt(c*c-v*v) is r*sqrt(a) then K*c is r*m*sqrt(a) but remember sqrt(a) s still at play and can vary now speed along a sine curve is c and d(length)/dx then sqrt(1+sqr(cos(kx)))*c is c then c*c-c*c is c*c*sqr(cos(kx)) then c*cos(kx) is zero then cos(kx) is zero then kx is one then x is 1/k thus if along length is c then along axis constant but speed ofcourse will effect frequency and amplitude also remember this is why particles are virtually constant but the waves are to make it not entirely constant and the length after all is a sine wave travel to make it wave properties now ofcourse this does not depict a sine wave it depicts the cycloid where v2 is not constant and h is not constant but sqrt(v2*v2-h*h) is a constant v2 is velocity along x axis and h is slide along x axis now squares because the sine derivative is cosine and v2 is sine and slide is deteremined by cosine so you must go sqrt(v2*v2-h*h) since it all works on a sine cosine deal thus it all works and agrees!!! so along x axis if I say v I really mean v2 now time is from stationary looking in the ship capacitance time is looking from ship to stationary which would make sense that they are inverts of each otherbut then mass out and mass moving are also inverts to make energies constant so start at a velocity at yay mass and yay time and energy becuase constant mass is c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) and time is c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) then times v1*v1 or c*c-v*v to get constant energy then ofcourse constant multiplied by integrate but if no exchange then energies constant now it makes sense that the two masses are also inverts of each other and the v1's also invert and it makes sense one slows down other speeds up and all mass time and energies relative but their may be an absolute but even that is relative!!! now in the resonator you can use multiple sine wave machines at once and even multiple freezerrs at once and the freezer system is with the powerhead on a parallel circuit and step down runaway equal to keep voltage as well as amps under control also you can use an exponential or runaway in the phase shifts and thus use lines then the phase shift will go to zero liniarly fast or go arcsin(e^x) to do it also for liniar or even e^(arcsin(e^x)) to make it much faster etc. now youu can use this inn a radio as well as a resonator etc. now for light when they give off energy then remember light is above light speed to create energy then before it can come back down another photon is there but when the waves are apart then the light photons stimulate each other less to less energy thus same energy more photons otherwise how can one see stars that are thousands of light-years away the light concentration would have to be rediculous!!! now if going y=cos(x)/sin(x) or y=sin(x)/cos(x) if y punches past one then sqrt(-1) or i then the radical (y)/sqrt(1-y*y) now switches to (y)/sqrt(y*y-1) or second back to first and the i's are canceled also in resonator you can go K*w*sqrt(cosine*cosine plus sine*sine) K is constant w is wave to make it vary or w can be anything also in m*m is 1/(1-f*f) it makes sense to keep thhe squares since 1/(m*m) is negative invert of force to keep the derivative vectors perpendicular as in m on x axis and f on y axis or possiblely switched around also in the polarizer the photons excite electrons why the system works on either way of looking at it if it is photons exciting electrons it still works also w and be the sound waves or the whatever waves on whatever waves that contain the first waves now there are two different general types of dimensions the perpendicular and the non-perpendicular meaning not necessarily perpendicular and space capacitence causes the second type and also caused by above light speed etc. and first type caused by expanding universe and right now universe only expand enough to make the four dimesions length width height and time!!! also particles and light particles move above and below light speed in a sine wave fashion above and below are equal!!! the reason is light and particles give off energy to space to space can give it back equally and the energy works as a feedback so that it is cycle or sine!!! now in light when the spirals of particles are closely packed then usually the spiral is closer to zero in angle and then components more wave less spiral then the light hits it and the spiral angles effect how light will bend also higher frequency then the mass is higher so more change in difference of mass since same multiple because the waves with faster spinning cycloid will change the timing between particle and light particle to bend it more also in the light speed the cylinders are at c*infinite and particle is at c how well the mass drops for both by 1/sqrt(2) see you crossed finity with infinity then light speed is the cylinders are frozen with zero*infinity*infinity*infinity (volume of cylinder) then c*c*infinity*infinity or energy of cylinder then square root because there is square many trying to do the process then c*infinite now the energy into particles in the accelerator and the energy they give are perpendicular see disks will only push in and get same back so thus the energy flow is such that the inward is independent of outward energy also in magnetic thruster same thing and magnetic thruster is exactly like regular accelerator with exceptions and in thruster be sure to put lots of amps in the disks to make thhe magnets nearly hard walls to abstract the energy into motion nowin the disks the disks in accelerators can be slanted but the particle behavior will cancel the effect and still be perpendicular and all particles charged and same charge on all particles now the (y)/sqrt(1-y*y) to (y)/sqrt(y*y-1) or back the 1 can be c*c or b*b or anything*anything and the y punch past c or b or anything now in any given particle all waves describing any behavior are same exact wavelength but not necessarily same amplitude also when turning from v to trig(v) multiply v by pi/2 when turning into arctrig(v) multiply v by 2/pi and trig is any trigonometric function now a function machine can be used anywhere with mass magnetism charge expo anything and when going m*v*v/r go the entire mass*velocity*velocity/radius and for anything play all the variables involved now for anything that signals do not used powersteppers pulsers or function machines or recycles they are only signals you can use freezers circuits or any thing else and for signal systems or anything like this go sine*sine then go square root and intregal or derivative which ever one works then square both to get the following equation sqrt(cosine*cosine plus sine*sine) and square root then arcsine then derive then simple rectify and insulate signals also why is surface area 4*pi*r*r well slope is 1/x then flip then times rise then run is x*sin(x) then for length go sqrt[x*x*sin(x)*sin(x) plus sin(x)*sin(x)] then pi*r*l then go derivative of intregal of x*x*sin(x)*sin(x) and derive of intregal of cos(2x) to get x*sin(x) then times r to get x*sin(x)*sin(x) then 2*pi*r*r then a hemisphere then a sphere 4*pi*r*r now in the plates I suggest an integrater circuit for each because the current gets more and more difficult to push into the plate like a repeling diode also (1/3)*pi*r*r*h then x*sin(x)*sin(x)*sin(x) then 2*pi/3 all times r*r*r for volume also derive then integrate these formulas derive to take each cone instanteneously then add them up with the same integrand and derive base and base equals integrand since you are dealing with same cones no matter what CORRECTION USE FUNCTION MACHINE ON ALL SIGNAL SYSTEMS AS WELL ANND USE FUNCTION MACHINES EVERYWHERE!!! NOW THE STRAIGHT CURRENT SIGNALS ARE FREEZER CIRCUITS NOW IN FUNCTION MACHINE IF GOING SAY MASS(MASS) FOR FUNCTION THEN THAT IS THE NEW MASS!!! ETC. also make all total function machines identical total meaning the whole thing also when wanting to turn a head into a function building system have another function machine offset and the branch is from the loop of beginning to end to all the signals in the derivative to go dx or 1/dx x is the function machine offset or one offset hits only the masses or only the expo's or only the charges or only the magnetism's etc. then end result can be anything depending on the total function machine and all total's are identical also an augmentation is from function build to head turning into function build and have many augmentations I say to be safe more than ten!!! now the offset to loop beginning to end to each beginning of a function builder to beginning of next is simply a way to speed up build and one function builder adds on one more build so the options are endless just make everything identical with exceptions now in any function to function(function) in any function machine or augmentations or anything where function builds or unbuilds or in anything where I said F(x) or 1/(F(x)) I want f'(x) to build and 1/(f'(x)) to unbuild and to go from F(x) to f'(x) derive and to go from 1/(F(x)) to 1/(f'(x)) derive first then invert now from m to m(v) do this to the v and then to signals for mass and the inner installed function and build (same thing) or uninstall and unbuild (same thing) do the same treatement to both and biuld and install treat the same and unbuild and uninstall treat the same now in the length of sine wave by tracer verses constant speed of x axis particle center the constant speed is not constant it is y=sqrt(v*v+s*s) v is velocity s is slide then the y is changing in sine wave fashion to above velocity to below to above for electron or any particle then the dimension with pattern c+a*sin(x) for photon is really c+a*sin(x) [but remember the mass makes amplitude and wavelength and perhaps timing vary the way I said before so the equation before is correct] anyway c+a*sin(x) for other particles as well then the thing going light speed is max above at max above x axis and max below at max below x axis all in sine pattern everybody is in sine pattern all velocities and slides and all movements in tracers and particles and anything all in sine patterns and all have exactly the same wavelength and timing but maybe different amplitude and the wavelength will vary before the timing will now in the freezers or inverters of squaring circuits or anything make sure the layered signals are all identical (they can even only have a layer of one) make everything identical with exceptions so all particles go above and below light speed in sine wave fashion to average light speed and sine wave because of circular behavior of energy and anything and negative feedback systems of energy and anything and sqrt(v*v+s*s) again these patterns are from circular negative feedback and sine wave systems also remember the particles are going light speed on the average!!! so correction all particles go above and below light speed as well as tracers etc. with average light speed with maybe variations with amplitude wavelength and timing but in the same system all timing and wavelengths the same and maybe different amplitude also c+a*sin(x) where a is e/z and x is zt and c is light speed now in all particles the inner moves with the outer particle unit outer is tangentially faster and inner is more concentated so cylinders can stimulate each other better as surface x*x then radius 1/(r*r) then x*x/(r*r) to get a constant K because a constant times r is x and inner is antigravity and outer is gravity or vice versa and outer and inner spin same way now in light the outer is one way and inner is opposite spin as outer because you know how in a strobe light the centrafuge appears to be going backwards well the time lapse of cylinders and wave and particle makes outer or inner go backwards even when tracers going forward to satisfy energy levels then the particles when going the light speed slows down time with more mass thus the waves get slower then the particle appears lower than light speed but it is light speed!!! now with light photons the waves cancel to go light speed because the waves cannot slow and make particle appear slower and appear slower means it is going slower with respect to a reference because then waves cancel so it does not care!!! thus light photons go light speed and go for light m*v*v then (c*c-v*v) times c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) then then c*sqrt(c*c-v*v) or c*zero thus zero mass but in particles m*v*v is (c*c-v*v) times c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) then time factors in to it so c/sqrt(c*c-v*v) then a constant c if r is one then rc is mass so once again mass is time!!! and in all this v is c or lght speed and so mass is time!!! now the gravity and antigravity or this for any field is all on the same exact axis revolvng around it and they copy each other all inner all outer and inner to outer in particles in light photons negative inner or outer now for mass particle that particle has no fields becuase the cylinders cancel effects in inner to outer by cylinders moving backwards in one see for light it is waves canceling for mass particle it is cylinders and these balanced cylinders hold the other particle make ups together by balance properties so cylinders do not repel out or attact in thus everything is balanced!!! now m=K-frc is for repel and m=K+frc is for attract when at larger radius for same velocity tangential then the relations between the two particles is pulling less with c*c/r then mass must be more but K is huge and f is tiny then c*c/r is half acceleration and 1/(r*r) is because mass is greater and radius greater thus mass is more to make 1/(r*r) and for repel same wth negative and hyperbola instead of ellipse also when going rc when with repect to a body closer you have less energy but to another body you have a lot of energy but fields are controled by the inertia of mass and obviously the speed is v*v/r then when mass is larger and velocity is larger energy is larger mass determines r then when going faster the rc then the v*v/r is v smaller and 1/(r*r) so the net is mass must be more then say infinite radius and zero field then same thing going faster is more mass to one body is more mass going slower to another is less mass and the only difference between general and special relativity is general has finite radius and field and the special is zero field and infinite radius or really just infinite radius because the field would have zero effect anyway now in the velocity do not confuse v*v/r with (c*c-v*v)/r they are the same but different expressions as in one means velocity the other means other component velocity so speed is averaged out to light speed but relativity says mass increases and velocity decreases as in sqrt(c*c-v*v) decreases so now because of constant mass not change much but closer to light speed with a much stronger field then huge deal!!!! or the infinite and zero pull makes a huge constant also then mass and time have a direct relation and more mass means take more time!!!!! now there can be pure special relativity pure general relativity or mix as in regardless of curve they still work for reasons of earlier proofs and special relativity and general relativity may work as one!!! now when a particle slows down the tracers need to slow down because the energy needs to be consistent and the same otherwise the particle would slow down and not the wave then energy is being created out of nowhere now the v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) is where the tracer and velocity of whole particle work together to work for tracer where when velocity of tracer is zero at zero or c and this is because perpendicular velocity times whole velocity of whole particle and it makes sense they multiply so when slower the wave goes slower then when faster time get's tracer and tracer still goes slower and elctron means elctron or any particle actually all the waves or cylinders are considered tracers just what one do you relative off of but the particle is always going light speed but the tracer controls the waves to determine how it appears to the reference see wave is slower at tracer to make particle again appear slower but really everything is light speed and we will never know it!!! also for v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) you get sin(x)*cos(x) then sin(2x) then all that is c+a*sin(2x) and this is for tracer and particle and wave and cylinder except the infinite complication in cylinder which I explained earlier now the tracer goes the same as whole velocity except tracer is sin(x) and the whole is sin(sin(x)) but the axis says the sin function get's reverse thus both are sin(x) pattern then just go c+a*sin(x) with the 2x understood (when I say tracer I mean tracer for particle wave cylinder anythng) so the whole velocity and the tracer velocity are the same just the paths are values are different!!! also for c+v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) which is what really happens the v is a*sin(x) as in light speed constant is added to the finished product also go c+s is velocity of x axis movement along the slide and slide is a*sin(2x) and whenever going a*sin(2x) go (a/2)*sin(2x) which is 's' or slide so it all works!!! now c is light speed now in the v*sqrt(c*c-v*v) I really mean v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) 'a' is amplitude of velocity wave only in this specific expression in plane old sqrt(c*c-v*v) it is just that sqrt(c*c-v*v) and this is for many other expressions similiar to this etc. now don't get me wrong if I used v*sqrt(c*c-v*v) a while ago and/or before this context of velocity that turns into (a/2)*sin(2x) then keep it as v*sqrt*(c*c-v*v) otherwise turn it into v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) 'a' is velocity amplitude but from here on out with this expression what I say is what I mean and amplitude is maximum magnitude and all this stuff goes not only for tracers and particles but also for cylinders and waves etc. now everything about light photons is true about gravity photons and nuclear photons etc. with exceptions also in van der waals syncronize attraction pro pulls anti and other anti pulls other pro and the two pros and two anti's repel to cause overall attraction then in the particle of charge both are going the same way so complete repel but in gravity pro and anti always going opposite way to nothing but attract always and no matter what but in charge pro and anti going same way to repel no matter what and same in opposite charge except attract no matter what also gravity has a sister field like magnetism in charge and two poles and the whole bit everything the same with exceptions also van der waals forces for the reason mentioned can only work if anti and pro are going opposite ways but light particles do not attract each other and they have anti and pro well remember the waves above and below light speed well the sine in the anti and pro go positive and negative and back like a sine wave and pro and anti are opposite then they start to attract then feta angle goes down then the pro and anti must reposition for van der waals then then feta goes up so repel and attract are in sine wave fashion above x axis is possibly repel and below possibly attract or otherwise vice versa one of the two for sure so on the average no attraction so gravity photon not attract no photon attracts or repels another photon also no matter what polar direction then the attract repel would shift between the sine wave but remember in gravity the van der waals makes it do not repel but attract but the wave is canceled so why well for some reason the sine is positive then down is also positive well the van der waals apparently can't change as fast as the sine wave polarization system in light photons can because in light van der waals is weaker and slower than the change in polar sine waves systems but not in gravity or nuclear with its magntism in these van der waals is stronger and therefore quicker by nature of cylinders and all fields work the same with exceptions also all this stuff works wth cylnders waves tracers particles etc. so remember take into account everything from past present and future ever!!!! also gravity is weak so why does anti and pro cancel in light but in gravity waves it happens also and also nuclear waves or any other kind of waves also gravity only attracts so how is van der waals more significant well the waves must be larger in wavelength and amplitude then in light by a landslide and if not well the cylinders are rigged better in gravity as in see earlier about cylinders and the nature of fields it was a while ago now the amplitude is tiny how is attract to a larger magnitude happening well it is just the way the cylinders are set up see fewer is less mass and wider is more field so take this into account when seeing earlier if they contradict take the earlier information also why the huge attraction in (a/2)*(sin(2x)) well in charge the K larger by Q/G where Q is approximately 8.988 times 10^9 and G is approximately 6.764 times 10^-11 but again why all the attraction from such a small amplitude well A look at the huge frequency and B the amount you are using is 6.0235 times 10^23 so divide by 6.6 times 10^-19 I am not sure about the 6.6 but I think I am clear so take into account all of this now for sine wave machine go k/sqrt(k*k-v*v) where v will reach K but start as 1/sqrt(1-v*v) then k is sqrt(k*k*cosine*cosine plus k*k*sine*sine) so p then assumes that and then amplitude increases p to k then you have it and the one can by any unit then take into account all information past present future now in force is e^(k*q*q/(r*r)) take energy is k*q*q/(r) to get energy becomes e^(k*q*q/(r)) and for mass go e^(k*q*q/(r*r*a)) 'a' is acceleration by v*v/r also this all pertains to nuclear barriers or blackhole barriers or when the gravity barrier gets closer anything with a barrier trapping in energy of fields also in special relativity the time mass and all the other things involved do to special relativity what they also do to general relativity because surely when one is far from something the mass is affected much less then when one is closer!!! so go ahead and use the same equations for general relativity as in the waves do the same thing and everything happens the same as in infinite radius and zero field (field is zero manditory!!!) is still definite value and finite radius and field is also definite but the former is constant in that respect and the latter in not so the waves fold and distort to the radius so the average speed is no longer along the midline of sine wave so in a wider circle the waves are less distorted but can also change number to make the discrete energy levels and the waves can change with changing circular distortion so the appaerent speed can change because waves distort differently so go derivative of curve change dt times (a/2)*sin(2x) is what the speed change is doing or acceleration and integrate that dt to get the total velocity and integrate that dt to get distance now curve change rate will be how fast a circular grows or shrinks for a circle is constant curve and one way to get curve change rate is by radius with v*v/r so if at a point velocity agrees and radius agree the system likes that point and it chooses a number of these points then an infnite number of points to make a path to make an orbit now in gravity the radius agrees with velocity along the radius as well as along the curve at the instant point then it draws a lot of points then a path see in gravity the gravity is too weak so the waves are one wave in a given orbit no matter what orbit it keeps the same proportion then (a/2)*sin(2x) becomes (sin(2z))/2z or somthing like that it will become a constant so now the curve can do whatever with the circles and still be happy but it must be ellipses or change of circles puts it right back to square one!!!! see in ellipses the x=sqrt(k*k-r*r) r hits k now r is radius then that itself is a circle so it is staying with ellipses unless things get really complicated but they are not complicated when using the above formula now if I ever said v*v*sqrt(k*k-v*v) I really met v*sqrt(k*k-v*v) k can be 'a' or 'c' now when taking the sin(2x) is for velocity for other waves it is sin(x) or cos(x) or really sqrt(k*k-v*v) or v and k is 'a' or 'c' now when taking acceleration change where acceleration is v*v/r for the stuff about curve change and to get average just turn (a/2)*(sin(2x) into v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) times rate of curve circle change and radius and get the v in v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) and go derivative of v and multiply by circle rate of change also in ellipse the velocity is x=sqrt(k*k-v*v) then x=h where h is velocty along radius and that changes liniarly if not taking the waves change into account in mass time and waves like above then take the liniar times (a/2)*(sin(2x)) or really times v*sqrt(k*k-v*v) take the v muliple and take nto account behaviors of mass time and waves and everything and k can be 'a' or 'c' in all of this also everything with ofcourse exceptions now the mass is really rc but relativity distorts that also the spirals and wave cycliod behavior also changes that and in large bodies there is a lot of then already going light speed to each other so the whole body slows down and go c+v*sqrt(k*k-v*v) k is 'a' or 'c' and so all these distortions mwss up everything so in a particle mass is rc but then other factors distort that!!! now in mass when mass gets larger time taken gets larger because if mass s twice with same radius and rope and centrifugal force the time it takes will be twice as in m*v*v/r or m*a for force half 'a' so twice time of revoluation and factor in everything else also why does light bend around the sun if no mass well because the waves distort etc. then light bends in general relativity and remembe it is same speed because no mass factor now there is an absoolute zero velocity see everything likes light speed absolute and relativity but this reality is only seen at zero velocity absolute at center of universe then universe shows its true nature where mass is increasing by rc and see past information about universe so more mass more moving apart etc. now in wires of light absorber or polarizer all axises all wires before simple rectifiers use powersteppers and make everything identical in light absorber and identical numbers of powersteppers in all axises etc. and this is all optional as in using powersteppers on derivative circuits etc. and step ups step downs etc. power converters relay system use everything on everything manditory or optional be flexible also make everything everywhere in everything identical with everything with exceptions now in all powersteppers and pulsers or powersteppers and pulsers at all do the combined capacitor formulas then take one whole capacitor equation for the pulsers or powersteppers and treat it all as one and use very beginning of pulser or powerstepper system is a unit current and at the end of the whole system on other side of powerstepper or pulser is the freezer with insulation possible for the correct voltage and amperage and take earlier information about this into account as well now cylinders with canceled fields will pass right through each other because they are after alll only space so no mass will destroy all phenomina that causes the particles to stay apart then they pass through each other in light photons and electrons repel becuase there is nothing but two pro charges no anti charge and in protons nothing but two anti charges no pro charge and this happened because when light photons split to form them the chage split with it but other fields stayed intact because they where protected becuase they were underneath so mass makes it all happpen and energy can hide without mass since mass times c*c is energy I am talking when light cancels waves in interference now a spiral does everything a wave does but perpendicular it slows down with wave it helps wave do everything the wave does from relativity to charge to stay energy consistent to anything now when going derivative of sqrt(1-sqrt(v)) I really mean derivative of v*sqrt(1-sqrt(v)) see I am not deriving m I am deriving mv also in waves and spirals when going (a/2)*sin(2x) when slowing down the waves are slower then the electron looks like it is much slower since the waves are slower but huge in amplitude to keep particle same amount of speed because v*v/r is much less see the spirals and waves are such that when velocity is lower the pull weakens as in mass goes then not much attraction then velocity slows then radius must increase liniarly to a small proportion see mass inertia determines atraction magnitude and repulsion magnitude since wanting to follow space is determined by inertia and at the same time space curves with relativity now the maximum is when v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) is v is a/sqrt(2) then a*a/2 is max at middle then the particle is maximum a*a/2 at a/2 see derivative is v*v/sqrt(a*a-v*v) is sqrt(a*a-v*v) then v*v is a*a-v*v then then 2*v*v is a*a then v*sqrt(2) is 'a' and work from there now in the going slower you must have larger radius as in v*v is smaller and radius must get smaller by a square but by a liniar because force is 1/(r*r) but remember by a tiny proportional constant so everything goes light speed but the wave and spiral ruins it for the particle now the strobe light effect mentioned a little earlier is for any tracer to body and there are only two the cylinder to body or particles and the tracer that is a wave and a particle and the second tracer is traced by the first all of this because otherwise energy and speed would be messed up now the first is 1/infinite in size and the second is finite in size also these tracers make up the given characteristic particle or wave of photon or etc. now ths is not a mistake gravity increases mass and increases time now the reason is much less total m*v*v when closer to gravity object and radius smaller to v*v/r then mass is larger radius smaller then v is smaller in proportion now when that happens is time taken increases so same energy to preserve it now gravity increases mass since velocity is smaller and energy is smaller in proportion to make mass have to increase in proportion as in liniar to each other and in repeling it all happens the same except negative but this is relative effect there is also field effect see in field mass is smaller velocity is lrger radius is smaller all in proportion and again in repel all the same except negative also remember K-rc and K+rc first repel second attract in a field the space is so messed up it slows the cylinders like trying to spin a top in jello etc. also remember the tracer speed is average light speed even in the non reality and the velocity is followed in proportion by frequency so there these effects are spiral and wave and so this explain general and special relativity and happens with any field!!! and sister fields work a little differently since 1/r see 1/(r*r) verse v*v/r makes r work in proportion but for sister fields it becomes a the same thing even though t goes only 1/r and energy is proportional to 1/r now with sister fields the force vectors are perpendicular to charge making sister fields equally effective and the same in everything so sin(x) then derivative is 1/(r*r) then cos(x) but perpendicular back to sin(x) or 1/(r*r) so just say derivative but the actual magnetism is 1/r and you might want to change 1/d to either 1/d again or 1/(d*d) in all these inventions in this entire blog in the past preset and future also in K-rc and K+rc the variables in these cases are arbitary and c not necessarily light speed K is a new constant and 'r' is not necessarily radius and all this is only in K-rc and K+rc as in they can be but not a given also in v*v/r what if going directly to nucleus well say velocity is really tiny t all still works and if zero then the limit is they work and the behavior is the same even if the quantities are not in agreement it will agree somewhere so this is how it works so for magnetism go for the derivative in any sister fields do this and othersise all fields do same thing now when I say the tracer average speed is light speed I mean the second tracer now in reality and non reality the first tracer is averaged c*infinite or really (c+(a/2)*sin(2x)) all times infinte and the second tracer same but without infnte so the first tracer does all the same stuff that the second tracer does all times an infinite so non reality and reality are the same in both of the tracers one with infinite now remember first tracer traces cylinders and second tracer traces waves and spirals now waves go a*sin(x) and speed goes c+(a/2)*(sin(2x) then the speed wave is always half the wavelength of the other waves are same for spirals in speed and other spirals but in spirals you do not add light speed and the spiral speed is constant so go constant*(a/2) for speed of spirals see spiral speed can be cycloid circle speed that makes waves or spirals can be faster or slower speeds but the speed of any spiral must be constant if in a circle but they can be ellispes or possible other shapes but the v*v/r ia acceleration and 1/(r*r) proportional to force must always hold and the spiral must always center around the center of mass of shape and be carefull the mass of object can change as well as ellipse or other shapes can and spirals work the same way in particle rotation as well as revolution now the shapes can rotate or revolve or both to make other shapes to rotate or revolve when revolving it makes another shape even if it is center of mass moving only a little bit and anything is possible in these cases also the cycloids for waves can do anything the spiral can with exceptions and the spirals can do anything the cycloids for waves can with exceptions now the ellipse is centered at focus becuase of mass change etc. and constant circle is constant dimension and c+circle is constant dimension etc. and there are a lot of these I just mentioned etc. all these are dimensions etc. and you can also go cx+circle or cxx+whatever etc. and you can go h*sin(x) + k*sin(2x) + e^x etc. and the dimensions can have two parts the F(c) and the sin(G(x)) or three parts all these are possibilites there are infinite number of possibilities to the infinite possibilities!!! we are in c+(a/2)*(sin(2x)) and h, k, and c are all constant c being light speed also you can go k+(a/2)*(sin(2x)) k is say sqrt(2) times light speed etc. and ofcourse some functions can simply be constant not necessarily but possibly light speed or a whole number multiple or division or whatever times of light speed so basically any shape can be a dimenstion and any combination of wave and spiral can be a dimension and ay shape motion and any shape motion around center of mass can be a dimension and anything can be a dimension!!! also cycloid and spiral can be the same or different from each other now in function build wth different fucntion for each build or unbuild or all same or some same some different etc. it is a sign that the dimensions are changing therefore the universe is exploding (changing energy levels) or changing orbit around another larger universe etc. so if chaging dimensions that means the properties of the universe is changing because it is reacting to another universe etc. now for acceleration say cx then x can be negative as well as positive!!! functions can build or unbuild functions can be same or different and if universe infinite there is infinite number of functions but only finiite number of function with a finite universe now the circle function for spiral is a circle and for cycloid also a circle but to make sine wave and the relation between spiral and cycloid will always be circle to sine type relation as in if different between them then conversion functions for spiral and wave to cancel will be circle to sine three one for wave one for spiral one for the relation between them and if already same one does not need a third so cycloid behaves as spiral if the same but general motion is turning cycloid into sine waves from so waves are sine like spiral is circular like and always go sin(2w) where sin(w) is graph of the cycloid is then one will add the other function or functions now in K-rc Kis positive and rc is from zero to K and in K+rc K is really negative K and rc and rc is from zero to K and then there is a barrier at zero where the lines intersect and all this hapens in reality now in non reality it is a little different and I alrady saiid how n non reality and so we are in non reality in light speed and in reality it is zero speed but then no existence also in non reality it is c+v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) or c+(a/2)*(sin(2x)) in reality it is just c and in dark matter both non reality and reality just c and non reality is what we see going c and reality is at velocity zero and c is light speed also no waves at just c or light speed now spirals are not constant in shapes that are not circles and no revolution etc. now in functons one can go sin(x*x) etc. also to hit another dimension one must take the powerhead and mess with the insulation of the freeze circuits and remember negatiive and positive freezer circuits and unit currents so then go acrsine times two then sine again in these circuits then one can add a constant and then making the waves change changes dimensions!!! also to change spiral mess with direct speed as in c to cx or whatever to hit another dimension without haven to go light speed!!! now the energy consistency is why cycloid and spiral slow down and speed up with whole velocity and whole velocity speeds up and slows down with cycloid and spiral and this is all because when vector adding of whole velocity spiral and wave of cycloid is c+(a/2)*(sin(2x)) and spiral would then make two rounds per same unit time and radius a/2 also light slows down in the thicker mediums because the fields of particles (meaning atoms and molecules or other particles) bends the waves and slows down and speeds up cycloids and spirals to make whole velocity slow down remember it works by c+v*sqrt(a*a-v*v) so then whole must slow down and these waves are one reason why fields curve direction of particles now in powersteppers the liniar waves by capacitors (before and after) the a sine wave machine and for supplier you can have constant liniar or sine to suck the power out of and one can even use switches and this can be for powerhead as well as other things and go sqrt(k*cosine*k*cosine plus k*sine*k*sine) and resine it for next powerstepper and this is for all other pulsers as well as pulsers inside powersteppers as well as powersteppers themselves one has many options to all this whether to use capacitors or not whether to use simple or trick rectifiers everywhere or not play it all by ear and for wave in powerstepper that is not in powerhead one can use tiny frequency and huge amplitude and for capacitors to run the smallest current or the top of a many layered signal play it all by ear what to use and what not to use as in play it by ear